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Fuel Station Construction

Gas Station Construction

This is one of our areas of expertise where we always assemble the best professional engineers to get the project done in a smart and conservative manner.


GEDGhana also engages in the engineering of warehouses for logistics stocking and businesses. This unit assembles the best team to always monitor and evaluate projects executed by GEDGhana. They bring ideas into reality.


Setting up of Sachet & Bottling Water Factories

GEDGhana's S.E.W business sets up factories for production. One of the basic fields that require our services is the Engineering of sachet & bottling water companies. We basically supply and install Water packaging machine, the reverse osmosis machine connecting the various components for the sachet or bottle water production line. This field has been one of the basics and foundation of GEDGhana and as such have the required information in execution projects of such nature.


Tank Farms Erection

The fuel business has been one of the lucrative businesses around the globe but looks expensive. Yes, this is a sector that is capital intensive, however, GEDGhana provides a cost-effective service that aid business clients the luxury to carry-on with their motives. We engineer these tank farms at a cost-effective manner that aid clients in storing their fuel products for supplies. 


As part of our steel engineering works we construct pipeline works for government, private agencies, etc.