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As part of our water services, we supply and install the following when setting the sachet water factory


Pump Installations and Rehablitation
(Hand, Jet and Submesible)

Today, more than ever we’re all looking for efficient, cost-effective approaches to water pumping. Global Engineering has more  worth of experience with a variety of pump services.
• Test Pumping – allowing us to accurately determine pump and motor requirements based on your needs
• Design and installation of  pumps.
• Maintenance, and repair of pumps


Installation of Reverse Osmosis Plant

We offer manufacturing of quality RO plants followed by smart installation solutions and quality based spare parts of the setup. Our team of expert engineers and strategy professionals working for reverse osmosis system pays equal attention towards maintenance of the plant.Our RO Plants are:
Strong and durable performance.
Advanced and trendy designs.
Ability to deal with high water pressure and temperature
More than 98 percent water desalination rate
Ability to deal with purification of hard water


Supply and Installation of Water Packaging Machine

We are one of the best Suppliers and Installers of Water Packaging Machines in Ghana,our range of machines covers bottling of all sizes and sachete water production.

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